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[pct-l] No free lunch

Jonothan wrote about shoes , lightweight vs durablity, cheap vs costly.  My
advice is there is no free lunch in backpacking gear, there  is always trade
offs. Heavy boots, as a rule, should out last light boots. Light tents of same
shape and design are not as strong as heavier tents. Usually, you get what you
pay for up to a point. (MSR titaniam pots and cups plus primus titaniam stove
come to mind!)  I would buy 2 pair, one heavy for snow sections plus a lighter
pair for the high mileage sections. Rotate the 2 pair at mail drops, say at
weldon, have heavy pair waiting, mail lightweights home, then have
lightweights mailed to say Beldon. These are just examples. good luck with
whichever route use pick!
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