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[pct-l] Re: Hiker boxes

>I love the concept of the hiker boxes that Sly found on the AT. Do they
>exist on the PCT as well?  Thanks in advance.
>Namaste, PCTCoach

Yes -- and in '97 a young man named Sawyer lived mostly from the hiker 
boxes, but then again, he wasn't an early starter and not your traditional 
PCT Hiker. Hikers were still holding onto lots of "stuff!" they really 
didn't need in the first 2 weeks .  I'm not sure I'd recommend it, there 
were some towns that the choice of food was mostly corn pasta, spices and 
bugs, a result of hiker boxes laying on Post Office floors for several 
months and inadequate packaging of food -- I don't recommend sending soap in 
with your food -- some items just shouldn't share the same space for months 
at a time, they tend to permeiate everything.

At Big Bear, a wonderfully friendly PCT hiker stop at the Fire Station, and 
must stop, the hiker box is gone through to weed out the buggy items, split 
bags, spices that NOBODY wants, items that are too heavy or unnecessary, 
opened bottles of goo, etc. (don't forget that in mailing from the east to 
west coast, some items can rupture, causing a real havoc with your box 
contents because of the change in altitude!) Some Post Offices would rather 
you went through the box outside because it can cause traffic jams in the 
buildings, but some places like Agua Dulce it is fun to watch others unpack 
and discard -- you can get first choice here.  Another fun pasttime is 
"bartering between fellow PCT Hikers,"  I'll give you my 2 freeze dried 
dinners for 1 snickers candy bar!  You'd be surprised what you won't trade 
for by then!

I guess you could say that hiker boxes are like a "free garage sale" -- 
someones trash becomes your treasure!

See you on the trail!  Happy Trails Couple

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