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[pct-l] PCT@Crater Lake & resupply


On the Crater Lake NP map the official PCT route goes along the rim of the
lake now. We had a resupply there, so the logical route was to head for the
rim. Besides, the views are great. There is actually a trail the whole way,
no road walking at all. The new route rejoins the regular route east of the
main north-south road.  Horses still have to take the regular route that
avoids the rim, I think?.


If you send your box to Crater Lake Lodge they might forward your packages
down the hill to the store that's near the campground ----> this is what
happened this past year. Uh, I don't remember the campground name, but it's
the one near the entrance station. This means that if you are northbound
and walk all the way to the lodge on the rim, you'll have to go back down
the hill 3 or 4 miles to get your package. Best bet is to call the lodge if
you plan a resupply there. I would recommend calling all resupply points to
confirm services sometime next spring before you leave - even the post
offices  .

Oh, one more thing for '99ers - Shelter Cove Resort at Cascade Summit in
Oregon "IS NOT" a post office. The guide book is wrong about this. You can
send resupply boxes there, but don't expect to send anything out from
there, they have no way of doing this. I promised the new owners of the
resort that I would try to spread the word. They are, by the way, great
people and very helpful. For you coffee freaks they now have an espresso
bar - there was beer for people like me.

If anyone has questions about resupply points I'd be happy to share my

Mark Dixon

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