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Re: [pct-l] Class of '99

mark dixon wrote:
> Fuller Ridge is impassable, Baden-Powell is unclimbable, the Sierras are
> undoable, the Hat Creek Rim sucks, section O is terrible, Oregon is boring,
> it's too late you'll never make it...... I don't know how many times I
> heard this kind of stuff last year and being surprised when I found out the
> story was mostly BS. Take any information you get about the trail with
> skepticism. Do the facts add up? Are you hearing the same recycled story
> from different people? In fact you shouldn't necessarily beleive me either,
> most everything here is my opinion. Question what you hear!

Mark - 
Good point.  And you'll get the same story on any of the long trails. 
We got it in Colorado.  We've even gotten the "it's impassable" line in
the Shenandoah's in September from two couples who couldn't find their
way through the blowdowns after a hurricane. But we had to go through
there because we were out there to assess trail damage. They were lost
-- we had fun. Most of it is in your attitude - and you get to decide
what your attitude will be.  :-)

Walk softly,
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