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[pct-l] Sleeping Quilts

Jenefer wrote for infor on sleeping quilts, my advice would be to make 2
seperate ones that can be  zipped together or used apart. Reason Being:  If
there is an injury or personal conflict, you can go on seperate without your
partner. Its best for each hiker to be self contained, even man and wife are
not together 24 hours a day! On the trail, you will not be tied to that other
person just because you share a tent and bag. Most parterships last just a few
weeks until you get into your ( Trail Rut) of things. My bottom line is maybe
half the people that start and finish this trail have the same partner they
started with. Ray Jardinine has the same wife for about a thousand years plus
they have many thousands of miles together under their belts, this is why a
quilt works for them ,but it is not the norm.
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