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[pct-l] Re: Reading Material and questions

>From: Arkay7@aol.com
>The Bear Valley Bar is, without exception, the most vile repulsive 
>inducing substance I have ever put into my mouth

    Classic, very funny description, but I am undaunted, how much did you
end up paying for em?

>From: HikerQs@aol.com
>Snickers, baby. That's all you really need to know (see how they match 
>up with
>the carb/fat/protein numbers your Guru recommends). They're cheaper 
>(by a
>longshot), more calories, and better tasting (by a way longshot) than 
>else out there. 
    hmm... I have more of a bread tooth than a sweat tooth but they say
variety is the spice of life.  The match up goes something like this; 
Snickers, 50%carbo / 7% protein / 43% fat / 208.13 milligrams per
calorie, and Bear Valley bars, 56% carbo / 16% protein / 28% fat / 253.13
milligrams per calorie

>From: "Joanne Lennox" <goforth@cio.net>

 There are
>still a bunch (energy bars) that I have seen on a nutrition list, and
have been 
>to get. 

      You might check out Prolithic Sports.  There URL is
www.prolithic.com  They seem to have a good assortment and there is no
minimum.  They have bars, gels, and drinks as well as some other assorted

      Thanks for the input.
so ham tat tvam asi,

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