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[pct-l] Foot stuff

Hello Joanne -

You said:

>to see you back, I was beganning to wonder if you were
>still on the list...

I come and go <g>.  I have decided that these mailing lists attract a
fairly wide variety of folks.  Some like fast interaction (almost a chat
room) and others enjoy the list a little slower (almost snail mail).

I tend toward the latter much of the time...I stop by the computer every
day or two and download the lists that I enjoy.  Sometimes the mood strikes
and I get flat fingertips and square eyes from spending so much time with
the lists...it sure is NICE to have so much "connectivity" at a pace that
suits <VBG>!

>...How are you feet doing?...

The toe-pulling seems to be an excellent short-term solution to the pain.
I am now just walking 4-5 miles a day and have been using a lite-weight
pair of boots (Vasque Clarions) with the super-feet inserts.  I added more
duct tape to the layers that I have been putting on the underside of the
insert (underneath the location where the ball of my foot rests) and that
offered the most relief.  The sole of the boot is stiffer than the running
shoes that I have been using for town walking up to now and that seems to
help also.  I will be bumping back up to 8-10 miles a day (at least every
other day) in the near future, so I might wind up using my Salomons if the
Clarions poop out.

>...I also think I am getting slightly stir crazy about
>this thru hike thing - I just want to get my feet churning down the trail
>right now, and I have to wait a whole winter...

Yup...sounds like you have the bug, all right!  Some folks seem to be able
to scratch that itch with one hike.  Be warned...some don't...

>...The snow has edged down to
>3,000 feet and the rivers are flooding in my part of Washington, so maybe
>it will be drier in S. calif. this winter, which bodes for a early start

Is this the time-honored theory that ALL the water is getting used up in
your neck of the woods, so there just couldn't be ANY left for other
locations <g>?
It does look like you must have ours...we have been a lot drier here in
north Alabama than usual (according to my oldest neighbors, anyway).

Next time you are above 3,000 feet, make us a snowball with some of our water!

- Charlie

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