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Re: [pct-l] Class of '99

> That's an excellent idea!  Through-hiking any trail takes a particular kind of
> daring and fortitude within reasonable realms of safety.
> One thing that has worried me, from the get go, is an above average snowfall
> in the sierras.  I've heard of others that didn't make it through, turned back
> and either quit outright or flipped.
> My opitions are open,  Sly

As I'm set on doing California, I don't have the option of starting in
Manning Park but am sure open to flipping if I need to. Certainly not
the most inviting option but doable. Since most of my wilderness
experience has been on snow and ice, I think it would take an
astoundingly heavy winter for the Sierras to be impassable for me. And
it's always possible. I'm not doing this trip to put myself in danger
anywhere. As you say, Sly, it's about daring and fortitude within
reasonable realms of safety. Indeed!! We shall see what the winter brings.

Namaste, m
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