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Re: [pct-l] Class of '99

Looks like theres quite a few people planning a pacific
crest trail thru-hike in '99, and from what I read on the
list, seems like everybody has planned to start at the
Mexican border.
I was wondering if anybody has given thought to start
at manning park, if snowfall was higher then normal in
the sierras and lower in the cascades. From what I
heard from hikers this year,'98 was the year to start
from Canada.I hiked the pct in 1977 a that was the 
perfect year to hike south to north, the snowfall in
the sierras in 1977 was well below normal. If I was
planning a thru-hike on the pct again, I would keep 
my options open on were to start depending on snow

Jeff Zimmerman
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