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[pct-l] about propane

hi all!

just thought I'd add my $.02 on the propane carbon monoxide thread.
now correct me if I'm wrong but propane's makeup is C3H8
and when burning it the chemical equation looks like this

C3H8 + 5 O2 ---> 3 C02 + 4 H20
1 propane molecule + 5 oxygen molecules = 3 carbon dioxides + 4 waters

now remember that this is under perfect oxidation and often times things
aren't perfectly oxidized.
so usually the equation looks a little more like this:

C3H8 + 4 O2 ---> 2 CO + C02 + 4 H20
still 1 propane + 4(1 less) oxygen = 2 monoxides + 1 dioxide + 4 waters

it's when this happens that people in unventilated areas have troubles!
I learned all this in chemistry last year....it was kinda fun.

so my conclusion is that for most(if not all) fuels, if there isn't enough
oxygen getting supplied to the reaction(which is what burning is) then
you'll get only 1 oxygen per carbon and a deadly gas....not to say that
carbon dioxide isn't bad either, it's just not as bad

hope this sheds some light somewhere  :-)

PCT '99 hopeful

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