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Re: [pct-l] cameras and pictures

Hi Jim,

I think the importance of a zoom lies in the photographer. I'm so used
to using a wide range of lenses on my SLR that the Stylus 140 is already
a big compromise. I really like having the flexibility in composition
that a zoom gives me. I use my slides professionally and if I could
figure out how to carry an SLR camera with a full range of lenses, I
would, but it would weigh more than my pack!! For me the flexibility is
worth the extra weight of a zoom.

Namaste, m 

"Mayer, Jim" wrote:
> This thread reminded me of a camera question:
>         How imortant is a zoom lens?
> I ask, because except for the lack of a zoom the Olympus Sylus Epic seems
> like a great candidate for a trail camera.  The Epic has:
> - an apparently excellent, slightly wide angle, F2.8 lens.  An F2.8 lens is
> blazingly "fast" for a compact, auto everything, camera and would be
> wonderful for marginal light conditions.
> - "weatherproof"
> - 4.7 oz!
> At 4.7oz the Epic is over three ounces lighter than my Elph!
> -- Jim Mayer
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