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Re: [pct-l] lightweight tents and tyvek

->Timothy posted a message about the
>>site is www.wanderlustgear.com,  he makes single
>>wall tents that use trekking poles for support or you can order poles
>>separately which add about 5 oz  to his 1.5 pound tent.  The tent >looks
>roomy and he says he designed it for long distance hiking.

>I checked out the site and find the NOMAD tent really interesting. Having
>been considering a bivy, I will really now think about this as an
>John Vonhof

If price is not a consideration, then this is definitely a item to check
out.  However, its a bit too pricey for me ($225 if I remember correctly).
This price is justified by the fact that the NOMAD is hand-made by the

Also, I found a very light weight tarp in a Army Surplus store of all places
(Arlington Surplus, Arlington - Virginia).  The camouflage tarp is 8 x 10
and weighs only 1 lb 2 ounces, made of nylon rip-stop  waterproof (but
leaked in the seams, Seamsealer  fixed that).  They had them in various
sizes and was still selling when I left the area in spring of '97.  And yes,
they are BRAND NEW, not old surplus.  I believe I paid $10-12 for it.  And
the best part is when its dry it can roll up to the size of a large


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