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[pct-l] Kerosene vs white gas vs propane

 Just read this in an eathquake prepareness link talking about lighting your
home. Stove fumes are bad news in even vented tents. White gas (or Coleman
fuel) spits out carbon monoixcide while Kerosene only kicks out carbon
dioxcide as does propane which is less deadly. Chalk up one for Kerosene use.
I,ve never heard this before when magazines disguss the pro,s and con,s of
different fuels. When I lay in my bag and fire up that first pot of water in
the morning,  it,s nice having alittle heat knock the chill out of the tent.
(I know all stoves suck air and all tents need to have vents open)  This is
just food for thought  for your next winter outing on the PCT.
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