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Re: [pct-l] pack sunshades

A red packshade was graciously donated to me this past summer and I was able
to "PCT" test the product from Campo to Idyllwild. I really do not like hats
and found  it really worked out well for protecting the back of my neck and
ears from the glare of the sun.  It did not stop the flow of air from
circulating around my head.  I still wore my bandanna to stop the sweat from
my brow from flowing into my eyeballs.  However, during wind blasts
(especially those encountered during our trek of the San Felipe Hills)  the
pack shade would fold upon itself and I had to unfold it into it's open
position.  Windy conditions made me damn the contraption.  

I used an internal pack and it fit conveniently into the compression strap
buckle loops.  During gentle breezes and too much sun....I was grateful for
the packshade.  But when it was too windy I found it a nuisance.  These are
probably the same concerns umbrella users had.  I even used it one night to
protect me from the rain as I cooked my evening meal at Barrel Spring.  

So...when I think about it...was it worth the extra 8 oz...yes and no...I did
not take the packshade back with me when I returned to the PCT in July to hike
from the CA/OR border to Sisters and did not miss not having it around.  

Cynthia Taylor-Miller
Wallingford, VT

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