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[pct-l] pack sunshades

  I was kinda wondering,
  first off in my web surfing delirium I can't for the life of me
remember how I came by this site (embarrassingly the source may be this
list) anyway the site is www.packshade.com/index.htm  and my question to
you folks out there is if I will be traveling the desert sections in late
June and early July would a sunshade be a helpful thing to have along? 
Is 8 oz or a half pound to much for such a thing or would it be worth the
weight?  General ideas would be appreciated and if anybody could find the
time to check out the aforementioned site and form opinions on this
particular product and its possible usefulness I would be quite grateful.
 I think its a good idea but then I tend to get caught up in hype so I'm
in the habit of seeking infinite opinions.  After all the hundredth
monkey didn't teach itself : ))
       om so ham tat tvam asi

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