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[pct-l] Lightweight tarp material, the Cannon Elph camera

 Who was that masked Tyvekman?

Thanks for all the inflo on tarps and socks.  I have wrapped a very tall
house in tyvek, which caused me to have two ladder mishaps, and I am not
quite ready to wrap myself in it, perhaps use it as a ground cloth.  So I
am casting around for lightweight tarp materials.

Has anybody used the newer teflon coated materials, the silicon coated
materials.  I am thinking about making a tarp out of 1.5 Ounce Urathane
coated supplex ripstop; this is about half the weight of most tarp
materials, which are in the 3 ounces per square yard range.  I am wondering
how heavy a material I need if I get into a good blow above timberline. I
am not so concerned that the tarp will last forever, but rather that the
material would be strong enough  not rip in  30-40  mile an hour gusts.

Also, all the materials come in 60 inch length (5 feet).  This means that
the 5 foot width is just a little too short for either dimensions of a tarp
- enter the tarp makers dilemma.  I am looking for a tarp about 6 x8 feet,
or 8x8 feet. This means that I would have to cut both edges off the tarp to
end up with the seam in the middle.

Does anybody have a Cannon Elph camera.  I have been thinking about not
taking a camera at all.  My present point and shoot camera weights l3
ounces.  I've also been looking at the PentaxIQZoom115 M. Because I do not
like wide angle lens, I pretty much have eliminated the Yashica T4 Supper
(It is light, has a great lens, but it is 35 mm).  The Cannon Elph has a
smaller format, and I don"t know how much clarity is sacrificed (it has a
24-80 mm zoom.).  OTOH, cameras take a lot of fiddling and attention, it
would sure be lighter and less hastle to leave it all at home.  Hay all you
past thruhikers, did you just stop taking pictures half way thru?  Did you
want more film at the end , have you used and looked at the photos since
your hike?  What are the photos that you value the most?


G.M. Hopkins: "How to keep- is there any any, is there none such, nowhere 
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