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RE: [pct-l] Ultra light backpacks

I have a Lowe Alpine Attack 50, 3000 cu in like the Contour 50, though it
seems larger, and with the spindrift collar can be much larger.  Listed
weight is 3lb15 oz, but remove the gear slings, hydration system and chest
stap and it weighs 3lb 3oz.  Has a crampon shove-it pocket on back, a
floating lid and enough straps and lash points to dry all your laundry.
I've carried over 50lbs with it, but I recommend keeping its loads under
35lbs.  Highly recommended.

Jeff Ziegler

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> << Dana Design pack...fits me wonderfully...but it weighs
> somewhere around 5.5
> - 6 lbs.  I've heard about some ultra light packs coming out this
> winter that
> are between 2 and 3 lbs. without sacrificing capacity.  Any info.
> out there on
> this? >>
> I just got a Lowe Alpine Contour Mountain 50 that looks
> impressive for thru-
> hikers that want to go light.  2 lb 11 oz, 3000 cu in.  (Available from
> Campmor.)  Might even reduce the weight further by cutting off extraneous
> slings and holsters, but I want to try it out first, as is.  Plan
> to do just
> that on a weekend snowcamp trip on Donner Pass in a couple weeks.
>  -- Roy
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