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Re: [pct-l] BackPacks

 > Before thru-hiking, I couldn't fathom why anybody would block a trail 
 > during a break. But at some point, I got in the habit of doing exactly
 > that. Often times, the only alternative off the trail is to crush the 
 > fragile plants    -Karl

      Wasn't the guy talking about lying down across the trail
and making other hikers climb over him? My momma taught me that
it's plain good manners not to pull stunts like that. Can't
see where thru-hiking makes it okay.
      Anybody with the energy to walk 2000 miles should be 
able to move to the side of the trail when people want to pass. 
They shouldn't have to humor you or beg to get by either. 
That won't destroy the ecology and might polish the thru-hiker  
reputation at the same time. :-)     Mac

       There's a whole load of articles about where to get tyvek 
in the Archives. I'm having trouble reaching it like Becca 
is said she did.

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