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My partner Jim and I both used the Eureka Gossamer bivy tent this year for
our thru hike. The Gossamer is the same tent as you're looking at but it
has aluminum poles instead of fiberglass. I would recommend the aluminum
poles. The tent did great in pouring rain and moderate snow, had good
ventilation etc. It took a little to get used to the small size, but later
it seemed like a palace. We occasionally had trouble staking the tent out,
but it never really proved a problem. Condensation was moderate, but to
tell you the truth, it only rained on us a couple times in all of
California. We had many days of rain in Washington and the tent performed
like a champ. Personally I liked the tent because of the shelter from
mosquitos and other things that crawl on you at night. I added a small 6x8
foot tarp when we got into Oregon and Washington as a place for us to cook
beneath in the rain. If you have any other questions, let me know

Good Luck, Mark Dixon

Oh, by the way, yes , the snow page will be back on line this week. I'll
post the address to the list when it's up and running.

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