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RE: [pct-l] bivy sac an option?

		>>  I've been looking at shelter options for my
California PCT trip, and
		although I love Ron's ingenuity and creativity, there is
only one of me,
		and I know myself well enough to know that time and
inclination will not
		lead me in that direction. Eureka makes a one person
bivy that has a
		hoop and vestibule that makes it more a oneperson tent
than a bivy.
		Price in Campmor is $79.99 which seems reasonable.
Packed it ways 2 lbs.
		14 oz. Seems like I could use that pretty much the whole
length of
		California. Opinions and/or options please. Thanks. <<


Prior to putting together the family tarp, when I used to solo, I used a
combo of small tarp (6x8) and bivy sack. Unfortunately all of the new
bivy's seem to be overkill and heavy. I made my own and it weights in at
about a pound. No need for hoops, stakes and all that. It simply adds
moisture protection for the bag. I've used it just fine sleeping in snow
caves and such.

I add the tarp because is provides you with some shelter for your
equipment and for use while cooking. The primary draw back will be with
bug protection. For bug protection you could easily add a two foot strip
of netting around the tarp. It's simple to add and wouldn't require
fancy measuring or sewing. You don't need a door, just lift the netting
and crawl in.


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