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Re: [pct-l] Socks

At 10:10 AM 11/16/98 -0500, Tim wrote:
>When polypro liner socks first came out, I bought 3 pair and wore them off and
>on for a year or so, and then decided that I did not like them.   They did keep
>my feet a little dryer, but I don't think they helped blisters at all, and I
>don't like the way they feel.   I haven't worn them in years.
>My current favorite socks are Wigwam Ultimax.  They come in two thicknesses,
>medium and medium/thick.  I like the medium thickness style, I don't like thick
>socks.  I've tried Thorlos and never liked them, they're too thick in the sole
>for me, and I prefer socks that are the same thickness over the whole sole.

        Same for me.  I like the Wigwam Ultimax, also like Smartwools after
hearing the  recommendations of others. I prefer the feel of wool over
        Still, it's finding the combination of what works most optimally for
you across most conditions.....

Kevin Corcoran

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