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Why, well a lot of what you just said, but a few things you did not

It is always a surprise; I can never really imagine what is going to come
around the next bend, or the next morning.  No matter how many trail
guides, or books there are out there, the "universe is bigger than our
views of it", and the mystery is always there.

And the extremes are always there too;  The extremes shake up your
'centeredness", challenge your imagination and fears, they make you feel
alive, and make you wonder if you will be alive tomorrow. If I know a storm
is coming, I 'd probably wait it out in some protected place.  But not
knowing, then I get caught, and am forced to watch and survive an event
that will be one of my strongest memories and connections to nature.  Can
we know ourselves only from  the balmy and easy days of summer, can we know
nature that way? Maybe, it is time to stop writting so many  trail reports.

I used to go out to the woods and mountains to heal, but I don't anymore. 
I have found that I have thoughts there that I don"t have anywhere else;
that question come that were never asked.  These thoughts and questions
superceed my ordinary life; healing becomes irrelevant.  I no longer want
to change the world at all, but to accept everything just as it is, and
forgive myself for wanting it different.

The Sun is but an evening star,
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