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Re: [pct-l] hello...

It is my feeling that the effects of La Nina on this winter's snowfall
pattern along the West coast will be just as clear and understandable as
the El Nino pattern of last winter. We just need to wait until the first
thru-hikers reach the Sierras next June to determine it. :)
As for El Nino producing sever winter weather on both coasts of the US -
last winter here in the Northeast was a non-entity. Few storms, warmer than
normal. I believe the only sure-bets from an El Nino winter are cold, wet
winters in the West, produced by a change in the southern jet stream, which
in turn is produced by a change in Pacific Ocean temperatures (which, in
turn, is produced by a movement of southern Pacific high pressure belts),
(which is probably produced by a change in sunspot activity) (which...)
Has anyone noticed the strong southern branch of the jet currently brning
more wet weather to Texas? This looks similar to the El Nino jets of last
winter.  ?

I'd rather watch the weather than predict it!
- Brett
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