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Re: [pct-l] Drying Food

Thanks, Jim. Lots of great advice here. I am beginning to plan in
earnest and try recipes now so I'm eager for information as I've never
done it before. I'd like to hear anyone's experience with carrying
various forms of bread on the trail. What kinds? How did you carry it? I
know about crackers in the Pringles can. Any other novel ideas for
storing food on the trail? 

Would also like input on a starting date. I'm doing the California
section beginning next spring, and have heard various ideas about when
to start. I'm taking a leisurely trip, between 10 and 15 miles a day,
increasing if my overtrained joints will allow it, but not planning on
more than that, actually an average of 12. Given that, does it make the
most sense to begin in mid April or wait til early May. Or does it not
matter. I'm thinnking that at that pace I could start in mid April and
still be OK with the Sierras. Opinions invited.

Thanks in advance.

Namaste, m

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