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Re: [pct-l] Introductions

In regard to your question about "unpaid" Volunteer time, the answer is yes,
this is done for free.  I occasionally get grief from folks that don't
understand that, and that's okay, because we all don't understand everything.
Another factor, I have enough tax exposure as it is, and "volunteering"
provide some relief in accordance with IRS rules.

As far as trail maintenance and construction;  The PCTA does an outstanding
job on that trail.  My group is one of several that contribute to trail
maintenance on this Forest.  The San Gorgonio Volunteer Association is
dedicated to trail maintenance and patrol in the wilderness. (check out their
website)  The Forest Service up until this year did not fund a trail crew, and
did the best they could which could not keep up with increased use.  The Fee
Demonstration Project, also known as the Adventure Pass, funded a trail crew
this past summer.  They worked on several trails including the PCT.  The
Adventure Pass also funded the supply costs that keep our program busy.
Unfortunately, there are many that are actively seeking to eliminate the fee
program, and there goes any progress we have made.  I stay neutral on the
funding topic and that keeps me out of a lot of fights!  

I am glad to hear from someone else that is giving something back to our


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