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Re: [pct-l] trail food, making and drying 2 sauses

In a message dated 11/12/98 9:52:09 AM US Eastern Standard Time,
csmith@lib.drury.edu writes:

> Do you have a food dehydrator?  If so, I could recommend some vegetable
>  meals to dry and a few recipes to go with them.  Unfortunately, I haven't
>  taken the time to figure out their caloric value.  Two or three of these
>  meals I regularly take backpacking.  The recipes are written for two
>  servings.

I just got a dehydrator, I'd like to get these recipes too, if you would.  I'm
not too worried about caloric values as long as it's tasty, it appears I'm
going to fatten up this winter!  Does two_large_servings mean "one" long
distance hiker?

Thanks,  Sly
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