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[pct-l] Re: pct-l-digest[Introductions]

Hi y'all

I've been reading the list for about 1.5 years.  Usually I lurk until
there's something I actually feel I really know something about.  Of
course it usually starts a flame war.

I hiked California in '97. I'd like to do the rest someday, especially 
Washington, where I'm from originally.  I grew up in Port Gamble, a tiny
logging community in the Puget sound region.  Spent my youth riding off-road
motorcycles(!) and didn't really start hiking until college.  When I
came to grad school at Berkeley I started hiking more, back country skiing, 
and climbing.  My longest trip before the PCT was actually in the winter
on skis.

I work at a small company that analyzes weather data from satellites.  
Mostly I study ocean winds, and make sure the satellite measurements
agree with surface measurements.  I just started doing this weather stuff --
before I worked on superconducting electronics, so don't expect much
about el nino/la nina.

My first love, probably even above hiking, is Ultimate Frisbee.  I played
on the college team at Berkeley, and still play every chance I get.  If you
know what ultimate is, check out http://www.upa.org/upa/intro.html.  Its the
funnest sport there is!

As far as hiking style, I guess I'm a semi-Jardinite.  I hiked in running
shoes, carried minimal clothes, but still carried a tent most of the time.
Pack weight was probably usually in the low 20's with a few days food.  Went
a little slower than most, since I refused to give up swimming and peak
bagging.  My partner and I swam in 50 lakes last summer!

Carl Mears

Remote Sensing Systems
438 First Street, Suite 200
Santa Rosa, CA  95401

Voice:  707-545-2904 ext 21
FAX:    707-545-2906
Home:   707-544-9919

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