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[pct-l] yet another lurker

Hi all,
  I've been on the list for 2 years or so now, listening politely.  I
hiked much of California (I-8 to Subway Caves) in 1980.  It was never my
intention to thru-hike.  All I wanted was to spend a complete but
leisurely summer on the trail.
  18 years later (I'm 44 now), its still one of the most important and
enjoyable things I've ever done.  I'm focused on work and family right
now, so I don't do any long distance hiking.  However I've volunteered a
few days in the last few summers to do trail maintenance in the
Desolation Wilderness and Castle Crags areas and I especially enjoy
following along on the web sites of today's hikers.  I guess I'll always
stay connected to the trail in some way.

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