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Re: [pct-l] Calorie Content


Don't forget some of the variables other than miles, one big one being
weather/temperature.  Staying warm on a cold day/night burns quite a few
additional calories.  Also, expect your trail appetite to "kick in" at some
point.  For me, it was around the third week, but I've heard people talk about
that jump as early as a few days (typically if you start in excellent physical
shape) to as late as 6 weeks.

David Ferguson
PCT '97

Tom Rogers wrote:

> Thanks for the inputs.  Boy, I was making that way too hard.  It looks
> like 100 calories per ounce is a good thumb rule for almost everything I
> carry (and take the extra calories in high fat foods as a bonus).  The
> only trick is to estimate my burn rate in calories per day, which I
> recognize will rise as I deplete my body fat and increase daily
> mileage.  Then, using an assortment of dry foods that will satisfy
> nutritional and esthetic needs, weigh out enough food, in ounces, to
> cover my daily burn divided by 100, times the number of days to the next
> resupply.
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