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Re: [pct-l] Introduction

I thought I'd follow your lead Charlie.  I've been somewhat of a lurker on the
list for over a year now.

My name is Kathy Seasholtz and I live in northcentral PA.  I'm an administrative
assistant for a mfg. co.  I too am one of the "over-40" group of hikers on the
list.  I am 41.  :^)

I never really found my niche in life, I guess you could call it, until I found
hiking.  I've only been hiking for a little over 2 years now and can't believe it
took me so long to love the outdoors!

I've tried in vein to get my 2 daughters (ages 21 and 17) interested in
hiking...maybe some day.
I joined the list after reading a statement Brick wrote on the backcountry
newsgroup about the list.  I was in search of all of the info I could find to help
me with my backpacking skills.

I've never hiked the AT (yet).  Due to work and family commitments, my hiking
consists of local weekend dayhikes or 2-3 day backpacking trips on some of the
longer trails in the area.  I did get a chance last spring to "stand" on the PCT
when visiting family in CA!  That was a big thrill for me.  I'm heading back there
in March and hope (if it works out) to atleast hike a couple miles while I'm
there.  If anyone knows of a good part of trail in the CA (Lancaster) area please
let me know or if you're in the area and wouldn't mind someone tagging along that
would be great!  I have no sense of direction ya see.

Although I can't really contribute much to the list, I do enjoy reading all the
comments - I've learned alot.  I did enjoy following the journey of Rick, Tahoma,
and Jenelle as they made their way on the PCT and was elated to read they
completed their journey in September.  Great job!

I do have a personal web page which lists my hiking reports and some of the great
trails in the northcentral part of PA.  I won't bore everyone with that by posting
it so if anyone would be interested in checkin' them out for possible future trips
to the area, let me know.

Happy trails,


Charcholla@aol.com wrote:

> I'm been a subscriber to the PCT List for more than a year, but following
> Jim's suggestion, I'll introduce myself again.
> My name is Charlie Jones (really). I live in San Diego. I am currently retired
> after working 37 years for NCR / ATT.  I am one of the "over-40" group of
> hikers on the list.
> I began backpacking about 1967 when I moved to California from Ohio. My oldest
> son was in the Boy Scouts so I became the Camping Assistant Scout Master. Most
> of our backpacking for training took place in Southern California. I led the
> troop on their first two backpacking trips into the Sierras; one, a 50-mile
> trip from Onion Valley to Whitney Portal. The other was a 70-mile trans-Sierra
> hike from Mineral King to Whitney Portal. Since retiring, I have hiked to the
> top of Mt. Whitney on three other occasions.
> When career moves caused me to relocate away from California, I never found
> the time for hiking. After returning in 1985, a friend and I were day-hiking
> through the redwoods near Eureka. We were there in typical urban hiking gear
> (tennis shoes and no water) when we decided we wanted to get back into hiking.
> Still, I never got really serious about it until I retired in April 1994.
> Since then, I have hiked more than 2,200 miles (over 1,275 of that on the
> PCT). As you might guess, I am NOT a through-hiker, but a section hiker. I tip
> my hat to all the through hikers. Hike your own hike.
> Since I hike with others who are not retired, many of my hiking trips occur on
> weekends or week-long vacations. My longest single backpack trip was 221 miles
> in 20 days (JMT '96).
> My goal is to walk/dayhike/backpack the entire PCT (if I can ever get out of
> California -- the first 1,695 miles are the toughest). I'm not concerned about
> finishing the PCT next year or the one after, but I WILL finish. I expect to
> see many of you along the way. Wave as you go by ...
> Happy hiking to you all,
> Charlie
> "Eagles may soar, but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines"
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* From the Pacific Crest Trail Email List |  http://www.backcountry.net   *