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[pct-l] Introductions

My turn!  Yay!
My name is Aaron Unger, I'm a 17 year old Senior in high school.  Thats why
I can't start my '99 thruhike until June.  I have to graduate first....it's
a "small" detail for my mom.  I haven't done much long distance stuff.  My
dad and I hike the Oregon section in '97, the northernmost 200 mi. of
Washington in '98 (missed the rest of the state 'cause my dad hurt his
ankle).  Before that.....I started backpacking when I was 8, and have gone
on at least one 1 week trip each summer since.  It's not long distance but
it counts towards experience.  :-)  Other than that my life is pretty
boring....I go to school, kayak when I can, hike around, and sleep alot.

PCT '99 hopeful

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