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Re: [pct-l] Introductions ---

Dear Ginny and PCTL,

You wrote:
>And yes, I can touch a lot of
>the same things - being surrounded by beauty, a sense of inner peace,
>the joy and laughter of kindred spirits, a sense of belonging, and of
>accomplishment in meeting a really difficult challenge - there are a lot
>of ways of doing this. The difference is that on the trail it is all
>day, every day, not just from time to time and here and there.  Every
>morning I wake up to the sound of birds.  Every night I go to bed with
>the sounds and smells of the woods.  I am surrounded and filled by the
>wonderful diversity  and beauty of the natural world.

You said this very well.  I have been re-writing my journal from 21 years
ago and struggling with putting this issue into words:  Just what was it
that made that time so rewarding and satisfying.  I think you hit it

I remember the last night of the hike sitting just south of the Canadian
border with Paul Hacker in 1977.  We were, of course, reminiscing about the
hike and started going back over the places we camped before meeting up.
We were both astonished when we realized that we could tell each other the
exact place where we had camped every night from Campo all the way to
Burney Falls where we met up.  It was then easy to remember all the places
from there to where we were camped that night.   I could literally remember
what I had done every day for the last 5 months, 2 weeks and 4 days!  I
have never had another period in my life where I could think back and
recall what I have done every day over the past month, let alone 5 months!

Has anyone else had this experience?

Best regards,

Greg "Strider" Hummel

P.S.  I'll join in the introductions in a few days when I have more time.
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