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Re: [pct-l] Hate Mail

Montedodge@aol.com wrote:
> Did Pct in 1977 from April 2 to October 11 when I was 19years old. I will not
> write this list for a while as I see it is not needed nor wanted thank you,

Monte -
Whether or not you participate on the list is obviously your decision,
I for one welcome your opinions.  I may not agree with all of them, but
that doesn't make them any less valuable to the list as a whole. No two
thruhikers - or long distance hikers - do everything the same way, so
your way might be just what someone out there is looking for.  But if
you don't tell them about it --- they might not ever hear it from anyone
else either.  

You can decide not to post your opinions - but my opinion is that both
you and the list will be poorer for it.

Walk softly,

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