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[pct-l] Introductions

Hi, its time to add my name to the list of PCT-l followers.
I'm Nathan Martin and I've been following the discussion over
the past year. My trail name is chai-walker (chai means
"life" in Hebrew)

I'm planning on thru-hiking the PCT this coming year, 1999
and am now deep in the midst of training, planning, and preparing.
Up until now, I have been a more casual backpacker who mostly
would go on 3-7 day trips. Needless to say, I am now entering
a whole new phase of the outdoor experience. 

I have mostly been listening to the discussion as I am new
to the thru-hike experience, and I greatly appreciate the advice
I have been given on planning for the hike. I second the idea
of trying to make sure that we keep discussion on the list
civil, especially when there are strong disagreements.

As to my other personal data, I've been living in the Berkeley/Oakland, 
CA area since 1992
and have been working since that time as a researcher on
energy efficiency policy for Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
(not Lawrence Livermore!), a Dept. of Energy research lab.
I also like to go dancing (cajun, contra, swing, etc.) and
am increasingly involved in the East Bay Jewish Community.

Taking time to thru hike the trail is something I've been thinking
about for a long time. I'm glad that I have the opportunity to
take a leave of absence and hit the trail.

I look forward to continued interesting discussion.

Nathan (chai-walker) Martin

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