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[pct-l] Caloric Content of Food

		With respect to planning adequate calorie content in resupply
packages, does anyone have or know of a good guide to calorie content of generic
trail foods?  I can read the calorie content from packaged food labels
(believing it is another issue), but I don't have a good feel for the content
(per ounce) of things like jerky, gorp, dried fruits and veggies, etc.  Any

I've been lurking on this list for a while, I'm an old AT thru-hiker who would
like to do the PCT one of these days, but I haven't set foot on it yet, so I
keep quiet.  Here's the basics of calorie content of food.  Carbohydrates and
protein (when dry) both contain about 100 calories/ounce.  This includes jerky,
gorp, dried fruits, and dried veggies.  Fats and oils contain somewhere between
200 and 300 calories/ounce.

Florida Tim
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