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[pct-l] bunches of questions

Jennifer - there is a video on lightweight backpacking by Lynne Wheldon
that is pretty good at giving you ideas about attitudes that can help
lighten your pack and various means to do so by experienced AT hikers.
It is focused on the AT, but is still a good general lightweight 
reference.  It is called "Let the Revolution Begin, Lighweight
Backpacking Secrets Revealed."  I havent seen his video on How to Hike
the PCT, but I imagine there is some of the same stuff in there. Michael
Connick or McConnick has a lightweight backpacking page that is good. 
There are others.

As to how long you want to take - Wolf did the PCT in 3 months 5 days
with a 9 lb pack.  If you like to do long miles and long days - go for

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