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Re: [pct-l] Bunches of questions

> 1)  Reference-wise, besides Jardine's, what are the best, most
> comprehensive books on ultra light weight thruhiking strategies, trip
> planning,  etc?

The only resources I have used are Jardine's book, this list, and several
internet sites.  I am not a true, hard-core, fanatical ultra-lighter.  However,
I did manage to get my pack-wieght down to 16lbs.  I also spoke with everyone I
could on the trail to get their ideas.  I have found that much of the valuable
tidbits that I got were from people who were on the trail (probably because
they spend their time actually hiking instead of talking about it on an e-mail
list).  I have also didcovered from talking to people that there is a TON of
info out there: books, videos, etc.  I haven't utilized much of the other
resouces mainly because I am mostly satisfied with my current style of hiking.
I have incorporated many of Jardines tips and ignored others.  There is no
"right" way to hike...just do what feels best to you.  Sorry I don't know of
any other resouces, but I know that there are lots more.

> 2)  Anyone have any personal favorite internet sites on these topics?

I have mainly just surfed and read things as I go. I did bookmark these two
pages.  I don't remember exactly what they have, but I like them for some

Good luck.

> 3)  How probable is it to venture the Mexico to Canada route on the PCT in
> 4 months?  Most people have claimed the average time to be between 5-6
> months, but if you go hard-core, is it feasible to finish in 4?

If I remember correctly, I think Jardine says in his book that he did it in
around 120 days.  If he can do it, so can you.

Good luck.

Dude in TX

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