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[pct-l] Hate Mail

I am writing to admit I have attacked several list members personly. These are
in defense of attacks I have received from those parties themselves. I have
written in the past about my anti-dog, pro crampon and even pro mail drop
views and was attacked each time I type something out. I am not one of those
Jardine sheep who follow his every word and cannot thing for themselves. I am
from the OLD SCHOOL of hiking and have the greatest of respect for some of the
first generation PCTer,s on the list. I live in Olympia Washington, married
with three kids,am a train engineer for the railroad. I also hunt deer, elk
climb mountains, kayak rivers and Puget Sound and even still Freestyle
Wrestle. My e-mail address is montedodge@aol.com so attacks can reach me
easier. Have also hiked tons in the olympics,west coast trail vancover island.
Did Pct in 1977 from April 2 to October 11 when I was 19years old. I will not
write this list for a while as I see it is not needed nor wanted thank you,
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