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[pct-l] Introductions

It's been interesting reading the various backgrounds of other people, as well
as their incentives for joining the list, and it seems like there is enough of
a diverse crowd here that we all have plenty to learn from one another. Here's
my story...

I'm 23, and just moved to Los Angeles two months ago, partly because I wanted
to check out the West Coast while I am still young and carefree, and partly
because I was accepted to USC's Master's program in Creative Writing. I was
born in England, grew up in Switzerland and New York City, went to boarding
school in rural gray dismal England, and went to college in Hartford,
Connecticut. Graduated in 95, and worked and lived in NYC as a trader for a
hedge-fund management company. As I watched the life being sucked right out of
me over the next two years, I decided that Wall Street was not my calling, so
I packed everything up and moved to Denver, just for the hell of it. Worked
for a couple months as a baggage handler at the international airport, then
another couple of months as a waiter in a wine bar. Then moved up to
Breckenridge in November of last year, and spent 6 months living and partying
and working as a ski instructor. Left there in April, and got the crazy notion
of hiking the PCT this last summer.

As I am sure everyone knows, the conditions of the PCT this last summer were
not exactly ideal for a thru-hike attempt, and being a neophyte to the
backpacking world, I excercised caution and pulled out at San Jacinto due to
copious amounts of snow. Still, I made it almost 200 miles, by far more than
anything I had ever achieved prior, so it was still a worthwhile experience. I
am definitely planning on continuing my thru-hike after I get my master's
degree in 2000. In the meantime, I've spent a few weekends in the last 2
months since I moved here hiking in the San Gabriels, San Bernardinos, and
Yosemite. I am going to Bryce Canyon in Utah next weekend.

I am a private pilot, and I own a single-engine Piper Arrow that's here with
me in LA. I spent three months in 96 flying around the USA with my dog, and it
was the most enlightening and incredible experience of my life. I am PADI
licensed scuba diver, and I went down to the Bahamas over the summer on a
liveaboard for a week. In the last few years I've skydived, spelunked, done a
little extreme skiing, and pursued other ways of living life to its fullest. I
identify with the quote, "The only ones who know the edge are the ones who go
over it." 

I drive a Ford Pickup, sushi is my favorite food, I once shaved my head bald,
I make a killer seafood pasta, I drink plenty of Italian white wine, my dog's
name is Bill, I sometimes sport a goatee, I buy my jeans at Eddie Bauer and my
sweaters from Banana Republic, I am not yet looking for a wife, I usually get
up at 10:30, I had a really good date last night, the longest I've run without
stopping is 8 miles, and through some lucky twists of fate, I have been able
to find four things that have shown me the limitless beauty of life and have
allowed me to feel the intense passion of seeing that beauty in all its
brilliance. They are flying, writing, skiing, and backpacking. And finally,
not a day goes by that I don't whisper a prayer of thanks for the things I
have been given. Life's a trip, so enjoy the ride.

Keep on keepin' on,

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