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Re: [pct-l] Introductions ---

Doug Banks
Marietta, GA 30066

AT (Appalachian Trail) completed in 81 after section hikes in 78 & 79.

PCT (Completed Mexican Border to (3 miles shy) I-80.  Plan on hiking the
remainder in 99 & 00.

CDT (If I live that long) in 01, 02 & 03

Been in the wood since I was big enough to walk - I remember when I was 7 or
8 years old while Racoon hunting about 3 in the AM I told Dad I was tired
and going home.  He said you don't even know which way home is and I replied
it's that way.  He asked what lies in that direction and I told him two
swamps and how to navagiate between them.  He let me go.  Needless to say
I'm still here.

Occupation - Mortgage Loan Underwriter - I'm the one who says Ya or Nay when
you apply for a mortgage loan.  I could care less about flame wars.  My
skins to tough after 30 years of approving or declining mortgage loans ain't
nothing you can say to hurt my feelings.

Mostly lurking on the site - can't contibuite much on the PCT since I last
left it in 88 and did the majority of the two PCT hikes in 83.

Looking forward to hiking again - except I will go by myself for the
remainder of the trail and probably the CDT.  Too Old to break in a new
hiking partner.

Sometimes the PCT-L gets out of control.  Just use some Common Sense!  I
don't like horses/mules but we all have to endure.  I detest people claiming
Section hikers don't deserve the right to claim hiking the (AT, PCT, CDT,
etc).  Just do it on the shoestring I had and then support your claim.
Besides I like to stop and smell the roses.  How many of you discovered the
Amythest deposits or other mineral deposits located right on the trail.  I
didn't distrub any of it but there is several places on the PCT which could
be turned into a mine!

Doug Banks
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