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Re: [pct-l] JMT early July

On Fri, 6 Nov 1998 David_Clark@candle.com wrote:

> I am planing to hike the JMT next summer in early July. It has been
> sometime since I was last in the Sierras.
> I was actually thinking about leaving the last week in June from Yosemite.
> Hopeful of a light snow fall this winter thanks to the
> predicted La Nina.

Dat thar's thru-hikin' season. Assuming next year is something
resembling normal, you should meet plenty of the northbound

> OK to the question, on a normal year would there still be a deep snow pack
> in early July, and would I need more than an Ice Axe for the passes. Which
> passes would be the worst, ie. Forrester, Glenn.  I don't mind the snow, I
> just don't want to be up to my armpits and digging out every 5 minutes.

The trouble you might run into is that because you'll be going
southbound, you'll be going up the north faces that will have more
snow on them and descending relatively snow free south faces. That's
tougher than doing it the other way around.

An ice axe should be plenty. The snow should have long since been
consolidated by then so you won't be waste deep all day. You might
encounter some ice early in the mornings, especially on the protected
north faces. This isn't too hard to deal with simply by waiting an
hour or two. Unfortunately, as you get later in the season, the snow
cups will get deeper. Those can be frustrating when they soften up in
the afternoons.

As far as which passes are the worst, that's hard to say. For me,
Mather and Glenn were the toughest. Forrester was certainly not easy
but didn't give me as much trouble. Of course, this was going
northbound so it's likely to be much different for you.


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