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Re: [pct-l] Winter thruhike, electolyte balance, changes in food preferences and need

I too have spent more than a couple mind wandering hours pondering the
feasbility of a winter thru hike.   A couple of point to consider. 
Travel on winter snow is nowhere near as easy as travel on early summer
well consolidated snow.  It is toilsome and slow. At best you could
probably average close to 10 miles a day!  The hours are shorter, packs
are heavier, the route finding more dificult, and the labor much more
intense.  I would take considerable support to attempt a winter thru
hike.  I would guess it would take over 200 days.

Now I'm basing a lot of the above observations on my own winter touring
experiences, I'm sure there are folks out there that can ski further and
faster, but having to do that day after day will wear ya down.

Still it is an experience waiting to happen.
Bob Turner
American Long Distance Hiking Association-West
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among long distance hikers...
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