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Re: [pct-l] Winter thruhike, electolyte balance, changes in food preferences and need

Wow! A winter thruhike of the PCT!?  What a crazy idea that ponders all
sorts of questions and considerations.

Regarding food:  Variety, variety, variety.  Don't count on six or seven
dinner menus to carry you for five months.  Everyone I have talked with and
my own experience found that after just a couple months the number one
complaint about food is lack of variety.  Mix it up!  

I found PB&J and a fantastic home made gorp to be good sources of calories
that I never tired of having as an adder to meals or for snacks.  

My dinners were the only fully pre-prepared, formal, everyday, sitdown
meal.  I had planned for seven different menus and quickly found that I
tired of them.  When I joined with another solo hiker in Nth. Calif. we
completely switched our dinners for about three weeks until we lost the
aversion for the original menus.  Then we ate the full array of menus for
the balance of the trail, ie. about 14 or 15 different menus, without
tiring of them.

Now then, a winter thruhike, hmmmm . . . . . 
I used to like winter camping, something about growing old that has shifted
my interests away from all the cold.


Greg "Strider" Hummel
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