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Re: [pct-l] the Pacific Crest Trail

>Have any of you out there been able to do substantially
more that 20 mpd in the Sierras?

Who would want to?  In this, certainly one of the most beautiful and dramatic
parts of the PCT, we lingered at the top of each pass to admire the views fore
and aft.  One purpose of putting in 25 mile days through the windmills and
along the aquaduct was to allow 15-20 mpd along the "real" Crest.  I met one
thruhiker in 1997, somewhere along Bubbs Creek I believe,  who revised his
whole plan and purpose upon reaching the high Sierra and decided to spend the
rest of his summer there just exploring some of the possibilities.  More power
to him, I say.  We ALWAYS do what we most want to do.

However, some hikers can and do cover considerably more than 20 mpd in the
Sierra.  You will have read their comments by now.         
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