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[pct-l] Jardine mania

Yes , You can hike the Sierra,s with a purse for a pack and jiffy pop , but
extra gear is of use in the Sierra,s. Crampons don,t fit on running shoes very
well, I guess that,s why some people don,t consider them for the Sierra,s.
Their are several nice LIGHT aluimumin crampons out there that work well with
nomal HIKING boots (not nikes). You are safer and less likely to slip in early
morning on the passes. People that are against crampons in Sierra,s are as a
rule (Jardinites), light weight  hiking fanatics. This is great on most
sections on the trail or if you flip flop the Sierra,s, but in late June or
early July , take your axe and at least some instep crampons. Some advice can
kill a Jardinite hiker who did the AT last year. Better to take a few pounds
of equipment and maybe not use it than need it and not have it. I personly
watched a hiker fall 60 feet off Donohue Pass, (  An ice axe most likely could
have stopped him ,plus knowledge of its use). For some people, going ultra
light maybe the only way they can finish the trail in one season ( I know
Strider has done 43 miles in a day with a full tilt kelty, not some lame 8
pound purse!)  MOTTO HERE:  Be safe, go light but don,t be silly. If you are
in the Sierra,s in early summer, take the proper equipment. This may sound a
little harsh but could save a novice,s life.  
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