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Re: [pct-l] Re: crampons and ice ax, Kerrick Canyon

Joanne wrote:

>>  I will definitely have an ice ax, and one of the reasons I
>>carry it when I am a lone female, is for defence

Brick wrote:

>That is the last reason you should carry it, unless you practice using it
>in that mode. Using a weopon you have not trained with is asking for
>trouble. There is a reason that "grunts" practice with their M16s till they
>can take it apart and put it back gogther blindfolded.

It amazes me how many people believe that there are people or animals to
fear on the PCT to the extent that they feel the necessity to carry a
weapon.  I have often been asked if I carried a weapon on the trail.  I
assure you, unless things have radically changed in the last few years,
preditory people as a rule don't bother to go out of their way for victims.
 The PCT, by its nature, is, for the most part, way out of their way!  

I never felt the need for any kind of protection other than the equipment I
carried to protect me from the elements of nature.  I believe that Nancy, a
solo PCT thruhiker in '77 and CDT thruhiker in '78 would agree and the
couple, Martina and Brian, that I helped this year would also agree.

"There is nothing to fear but fear itself"
					Winston Churchill

Take long strides . .  .   .    .

Greg "Strider" Hummel
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