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[pct-l] Blast from the Past

Great topics this week, Just putting my 2 cents in. I guess I fall into the
Pro-mail drop side of the fence. Besides getting your food boxes at drops, you
can shuttle needed gear back and forth with mail drops and avoid paying high
prices to resort stores with their very limited choice in food items. In the
70,s , we had ice axes and crampons shipped to weldon, (flew up forrester pass
like being on paper!)  worked great even though it was very icy. After about
10 am though, you would start breaking though snow, (would consider some light
cheap snoeshoes like MSR in furture) We used light running shoes for camp
comfort and stream crossing. (also had fishnet underware for the Sierra,s,
remember that stuff, the poly-pro of the old days,ha ha ) Ice axes should be a
must in the Sierra,s! PS, Over the pack rain ponchos such not be overlooked
when hiking PCT, have more uses than duct tape and light weight plus fairly
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