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Re: [pct-l] Sleeping bags and dogs

At 9:29 PM -0700 11/1/98, Roger Carpenter wrote:
> Further, on my PCT hike in '96 I was attacked
>several times by dogs, whose owners could not control their beasts.
>Luckily, I had my ice ax to fend off the worst of these attackers.  I did
>meet some nice dogs, too.  But dog owners who take vicious, uncontrollable
>dogs into the backcountry are irresponsible.
>Roger Carpenter
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>Vancouver, WA  98666
>American Long Distance Hiking Association-West
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well I don't want to start a flame war here--- but I agree..an ice axe on an
attacking dog
sounds very appropriate-- but I take  "police grade" p-spray and used it
on two dogs that attacked me whoose owner was nowhere to be found..
they were totally incapacitated-- I could have slain them on the spot
and probably would have been justified...

A note From karate- if you cannot calm the dogs verbally and are attacked, then
squat down or knee to present the lowest profile to the animal..I carry
my pepper spray in my fanny pack (6 ozs)  so it is reasonably handy as
I have felt like a postman as my long runs invariable cross path with
one or two dogs on a daily basis as well as on the trail...

Leave the dogs home please..

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