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[pct-l] Gaiters and running shoes

Written by Scott Conover (PCT 94):
I wear breathable ankle gaiters to keep rocks and other debris out of my
running shoes when I hike.  This tends to make my socks and insoles last
longer and does not seem to increase the heat around my ankles at all.
Recently I discovered a way to keep the gaiters from riding up and exposing
the top of the shoes that does not involve the time consuming lacing.  Just
cut out a small piece of self-stick velcro and put it on the heel of each
running shoe down near the sole.  Stitch a mating piece of velcro at the
bottom inside of each gaiter where the gaiter will contact the heel of the
shoes.  Now you have an easy on/off method for attaching your gaiters that
is durable.  When on much snow, it is advisable to still use laces although
I have managed in somewhat short stretches of snow with just the velcro as
long as I didn't "post-hole".     

Roger Carpenter
P.O. Box 651 
Vancouver, WA  98666

American Long Distance Hiking Association-West

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