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[pct-l] Meadow Ed


Does anyone have an email (or snail mail) address for "Meadow Ed?"

I met Ed in late June at Kennedy Meadows Campground. He gave Cheryl Mason and
me 14 plastic bottles (1.75 and 2.0 liters) to fill with water and asked that
we leave them by the PCT register on Kelso Valley Road (Section F). We did so
a few days later.

I was there again on Sept. 26th to find that the last bottle of water had just
been taken on Sept. 25th. Several hikers expressed their gratitude for the

Jan Craven, Cheryl and I filled 8 of the remaining bottles for other hikers
who may come through. (Thanks, Jan, for giving up your personal water supply
from your car to fill the bottles.)

I would like to let Ed know that his plan for providing water at Kelso Valley
Road was well received by this year's hikers.

Charlie Jones
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